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CMath Extension

• C Math Extension is used to calculate C Language Math Calculations

• This Extension is supports Android X Update



Video Editing Course

Design your video in desired styles

Video Editing means Rearranging a small shots of video (or) modifying a video (or) adding an extra segments to the video.


Colap Services is a best platform for Technology and Innovations. It was founded in June 2018. Our company is based on IOT Technology Development. Our First target is to develop IOT Technology and spread through out the India. Recently in 2019 we have stepped into Development of Android & iOS Apps for Society purpose.

As we stepped in our First success is Rescue App. This App sends alert to 5 trusted contacts when a person is in Emergency. As a part of this the customers who use the app are very happy. This is a Great Achievement by Colap Services. ​Recently we have stepped into iOS App Development in 2020. We are moving on further to achieve more success developments in future.

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